LED UV Sterilizer Box Ultraviolet Light Bacteria

LED UV Sterilizer Box Ultraviolet Light Bacteria


(6 customer reviews)

LED UV Sterilizer Box Ultraviolet Light Bacteria Sanitizer Cleaning Tool

Make it easier to sterilize cosmetic items, and toiletries

Designed for convenience, portability, and versatility, you can use this device on almost all objects you can fit in, from traditional manicure and pedicure needs to smartphones, hearing devices, and portable mobile electronics.


This high quality sterilizing box can be used for nails as well as baby pacifiers, small toys, keys, glasses, mobile devices, hearing aids and personal items.


Offering wide wavelength coverage at 260-280mm, this UV sterilization box with reflective glass provides 360° protection for universal support.

Get rid of germs

The more humans come in contact the more germs and bacteria are easily spread, especially when it comes to your hands, a child’s toys and personal accessories, such as cell phones, house keys, glasses, nursing supplies and other daily items. That’s why we created the UV POD LED Sterilization Box that helps you quickly and easily protect against antisepsis with powerful and safe UV-C light.


Small enough to use in the bathroom, kitchen or nursery room these sterilizing boxes are easy to use, work quickly, and shut off automatically.

3 Minutes Disinfection Function

with voice indicate and LED indicator display


Using the UV POD UV-C light storage box to help sterilize tools and accessories can help reduce the spread of germs, bacteria and impurities.

6 reviews for LED UV Sterilizer Box Ultraviolet Light Bacteria

  1. Eli

    I like the size and quality of the product. I use it for my car keys, cell phone, credit cards, combs and nail clippers etc. The company was very responsive. After delivery they emailed me to ensure the product Arrived in good condiments and is working properly. I am very happy with the whole process. And I love that this product has LED UV lights.

  2. Ezra

    Being in the medical field, this product was a necessity so I can reuse my PPE’s. I was luckier to deal with the seller/company that went above and beyond to make sure I will receive the product ASAP. I rarely give reviews, but if I can only give you 10 stars, I will! I hope more sellers/companies will be like you! Amazing product! 🙂

  3. Dylan

    This product came to me faster than I expected. It has really good quality and works very well.

  4. Jayden

    The product arrived much earlier than expected. Safely packed. The sanitizer box is well made & looks sleek. I use it for my iPhone & ear buds. Also, keys. Plan to extend usage to disposable mask used same day since to keep my usage to 1 disposable mask per day.

  5. Oliver

    Love it! I use it to sanitize our family masks and be able to reuse them. That in itself is enough for my peace of mind in current situation. Also am using it to sanitize my eye glasses, phone, keys, wallet and much more. Pretty cool invention. Good product and performing well so far.

  6. William

    Arrived on-time and in perfect shape. High build quality with easy and efficient operation. Exceeded any and all expectations.

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