waterproof seal tape
Super Strong Instant Waterproof Seal Tape

Super Strong Instant Waterproof Seal Tape


waterproof seal tape

End leakages!!

sealer tape

Instant Waterproof Seal Tape is a super-hydrophobic rubberized adhesive tape which creates a super strong bond that can repair virtually everything.

waterproof seal tape

From leaky roofs & gutters to weatherworn sheds, garages, barns & outbuildings, Instant Waterproof Seal Tape can effectively seal out water, air, and moisture. Simply slap this tape onto a wet and leaking hole and watch it stop the flow of water at its source. Expertly engineered to handle harsh weather conditions makes it a reliable leak fix all year round!

waterproof seal tape


  • The perfect solution to outdoor and indoor sealing needs. Not only InstaSeal™ instantly sticks, but it seals tightly and stops the flow of water at its source.
  • 100% Waterproof. Designed for use inside or on the outside of above-ground pools, water tanks, drums, and liquid or moisture-retaining storage containers.
  • Flexible.  Fits any curve or crease.
  • Extreme Weather Resistant.  Resistant to mold, mildew, smoke, flames, and temperatures ranging from -70 to 200 degrees F!


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