Handheld UV Sterilizer Lamp
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Handheld UV Sterilizer Lamp

$75.89 $49.95


Protect Your Family From Bacteria and Viruses

There are a lot of invisible dirty things in life. While most of them neutral and harmless, a few types of them can actually be quit harmful to you and your family. They exist on mobile phones, remote controls, towels, children’s toys, elevator buttons, doorknobs, toilets. People can’t see them with the naked eye, but we can use our ultraviolet light to eliminate them. UV sterilizer light makes non-toxic, no residue, no odor, no secondary pollution. It can keep your home and stuff real clean, effectively improve living environment.


Handheld UV Sterilizer Lamp can be used in mobile phones, iPads, keyboards, laptops, toys, toothbrushes, remote controls, door handles, toilet covers, mugs, steering wheels, hotel and family closets, toilets and pet areas to achieve all-round anti germ!


Handheld UV Sterilizer Lamp can be charged via USB,it can be continously used for more than 2 hours when fully charged.Compact size easily put in the bag.You can take it to anywhere to disinfection any time.


Easy to carry anywhere

Efficient Sterilization

Handheld UV Sterilizer Lamp is more powerful and quickly effect to destroys 99.9% molecular structure of DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) or RNA (ribonucleic acid)in bacterial viruses through ultraviolet rays with a wavelength in the range of 270 ~ 280nm.

longevity of use

Charge for 50 minutes. Continues use for 5 hours.


Name: Handheld UV Sterilizer Lamp
UV Wavelength: 270-280mm
Tube: LED deep ultraviolet lamp beads
Lamp Life: More than 20000 hours
Size: Approx. 357x40x35mm
Power: 2W
Optimal Sterilization Distance: 1-5 cm
Working Time: Up to 5 hours of continuous disinfection
Color: Black


Package Included:
1 * UV Disinfection Lamp


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