3 Stages Electric Heated Gloves

3 Stages Electric Heated Gloves


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Perfect winter portable electric heated gloves. Comes with 3 adjustable levels from 140 to 140F. Heating area includes the back of your hand and fingers. You can adjust the temperature setting with a push of a button: blue for low, white for medium and red for high.


3 Stages Electric Heated Gloves

3 Levels Temperature Control

There is a On/OFF button on the back of gloves which can adjust temperature.Red light is the highest temperature for 2-2.5 hours.Green light is the meduim temperature for 3-4 hours.Blue light is the lowest temperature for 4-5 hours.

High Quality Material

The Electric Heated Gloves is made with a faux leather, cotton blend. Super soft material and water resistant. Perfect for the outdoors: fishing, skiing/snowboarding, hiking, camping. The thumb and index finger area are made with material that is touchscreen compatible. Heating is supported along the fingers and back of the hand.

Long Hour Usage

The Electric Heated Gloves can last up to 11.5 hours with a full charge which takes approximately 3-6 hours. Package includes two batteries and a charging cable (adapter not included) and detailed instructions. You can hand or machine wash/dry.

Touchscreen Enable

With touch conductive material on forefinger, allows you to use your phones or other electronic device without taking off the gloves.Keep your hands warm and comfortable all day.

Easy Usage

Perfect for Outdoors

Suitable for a variety of outdoor sports for cool or chilly days such as cycling, motorcycling, hiking, skating, climbing, camping, snow skiing, fishing, hunting, sledding, walking the dogs, and snow plowing, etc.


4 reviews for 3 Stages Electric Heated Gloves

  1. Patty

    I’m usually buying hot-hands hand warmers through the winter to slip inside my gloves to keep my hands warm. When I saw these heated gloves, I thought it was such a clever idea. It will save me money and I’ll feel better about not using so many disposable hand warmers. The battery packs are slim and not even noticeable inside the zippered pocket on the cuffs. They are convenient and easy to use and recharge. There are 3 temperature settings, which can be selected by pushing the button not the back of the gloves.

  2. Peter

    These gloves are amazing! Everyone should get a pair! At the top of your hand rather than the palm, but your fingertips do get heated up as well. I went out on the four wheeler, with these gloves and the batteries lasted for the four hours I was out riding and my hands never got cold. I’d recommend turning on the glove when you need to.

  3. Steve

    We tried these out when they arrived and they warmed up very nicely. We charged them over night, and they worked very nicely throughout the day today. My husband mainly wants these for when he does some outside chores, but he said they would make nice snow-gloves, too, due to the thickness and the warming feature.

  4. Kian

    I found these gloves very useful for me. I have Rheumatoid arthritis on my palms, wrists, and finger joints. Normally when I wake up, my fingers are stiff. This symptom is the worst in colder season. It takes a few minutes of massaging with warm water to free it up. In the winter, I have to keep the water running for about 5 minutes to get warm water through the faucet.

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